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Joan Didion
We forget all too soon the things we thought we could never forget. We forget the loves and the betrayals alike, forget what we whispered and what we screamed, forget who we were.
Life changes fast. Life changes in the instant. You sit down to dinner and life as you know it ends.
I did not always think he was right nor did he always think I was right but we were each the person the other trusted.
[O]ne of the mixed blessings of being twenty and twenty-one and even twenty-three is the conviction that nothing like this, all evidence to the contrary notwithstanding, has ever happened to anyone before.
You have to pick the places you don’t walk away from.
Karl Wallenda
Being on the tightrope is living; everything else is waiting.
Keanu Reeves
Nothing ever truly dies. The universe wastes nothing, everything is simply transformed.
Mahatma Gandhi
There are people in the world so hungry, that God cannot appear to them except in the form of bread.
Sir Winston Churchill
Sometimes it is not enough to do our best; we must do what is required.
Stoic teaching
Live as if you’ve died and come back.
Warren Zevon
I'll sleep when I'm dead.