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Soviet saying

Soviet saying
Without God, our path is wider.
Trust your tractor, but don't forget your horse.
The star of the Party rises without wings.
Don't trust God, trust agricultural scientists.
Be an activist in the field, not in writing.
In a kingdom of paper, the bureaucrat is king.
A workman's sweat seasons his food.
The will of the people is stronger than any atom or hydrogen.
Bathing sooths, discussion rejuvenates.
Soviet cotton is more beautiful than gold.
The sloth steels from the people.
He who serves his country, enjoys a good life even on the northpole.
The bureaucrat and the saboteur form a couple.
Without newspapers, man is in darkness.
Joy is only a result of our labour.
The life of a woman used to be as grey as a day without light.
The earth produces its fruits without weywater and incense.
One labouror, seven mouths.
It's better to learn than to be rich.
When they chop wood in Moscow, the woodchips fall everywhere.