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Kedar Joshi

Kedar Joshi
In hell, the Devil is God.
I remember my time in Cambridge, England…That serene, heavenly river; those grand, gorgeous fields and trees; those golden, majestic institutions; those decent, cultured, and friendly people; that great, glorious nation; that magnificent land of God…What’s the world without England? What’s life without her sensation?
England…the greatest and the most glorious and beautiful land on Earth.
I wonder if the world can learn not just English but also the English gentleman.
England gives me a sense of adventure, a sense of passion, a sense of duty, a sense of diligence, a sense of sacrifice, a sense of strength, a sense of belonging, a sense of commitment, a sense of hope, a sense of patience, a sense of courage, a sense of vibrancy, a sense of honesty, a sense of magnificence, a sense of pride, a sense of faith, a sense of love, a sense of service, and a sense of peace. It is England and only England who gives me the true fear of death, the fear that the land I sense as my soul, might be taken permanently away.
Enemies of England, please be advised that mocking England is the same as spitting at the Sun.
I wish I can enjoy no food but food for thought.
If God is in Heaven, Hell is empty.
The stem of greatness sprouts from the seed of sacrifice.
History is an orphan. It can speak, but cannot hear. It can give, but cannot take. Its wounds and tragedies can be read and known, but cannot be avoided or cured.
History is like a ghost. It is as dead as alive.
If I am convinced that I will procure the profoundest idea only by undergoing the profoundest pain, I shall beg for strength to endure that pain.
The blind cannot see the sun.
If you do not understand me, you are mediocre. If you do understand me, you are intelligent. And if you disprove me, you are a genius.
The language of sword is less powerful than the language of word, but most of the people understand the language of sword with greater power than the language of word.
Laughter is the worst imprudence.
The sound of life has divine silence.
A man lived a worthy life only if the job he did were theoretically impossible for a machine.
The world can never be in the state of right order, strong government, and good influence unless London is truly and literally established as its capital.
True love is like religion. It is full of devotion and free of doubt.