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Anton Chechov

Anton Chechov
If, for an ailment, many drugs are prescribed, the ailment is incurable.
He was a rationalist, but liked to hear the bells toll.
People who are right, are bad writers.
Behind the door of every satisfied and happy man, there should be someone with a hammer to hit him on the head to remind him that so many unhappy people exist in the world.
The most terrible people are, more often than not, famous at local level.
A good man is even ashamed of a dog.
Common hate more easily brings people together than love, friendship or respect.
Judging from history books, man still considers war as its highest achievement.
Everything in the world can be justified by history.
Many couples like recieving guests since wthout them, they would argue.
Actually, I'm as lonely now as I will be in my grave.
University builds on talents, even stupidity.
If you're afraid of loneliness, don't marry.
Our universe may be located in a tooth of a monster.
Women lose their fresh beauty without men, men become dull without women.
A man without a moustache is like a woman with one.
Among animals, a worm can change into a butterfly. Among man, a butterfly can change into a worm.
In a first class train, you can find the scum of society.
New literary forms predate new styles of life. That is why conservatives hate them.
Women can easily learn a language since their head is empty anyway.