And I Quote.org lets you manage your quotes database and allows you to have random quotes displayed on your website. The API allows for simple RSS or JSON calls and accepts a few parameters. Any request can be sent to rss.php and json.php, but all examples use the RSS feeds. Here's the most simple request you can put in:

http://andiquote.org/rss.php or http://andiquote.org/json.php

The RSS feed above will give you the ten most recently submitted quotes.

Quotes on a keyword

You can request quotes on a particular keyword, or multiple keywords, like so:

http://andiquote.org/rss.php?k=76 will give you the latest quotes on the keyword 'work'.

http://andiquote.org/rss.php?k=76,141 will give you quotes matching the keywords 'work' OR 'growth'.

You can also add a page number to that (starting from page 0):

http://andiquote.org/rss.php?k=76,141&p=1 will return the second page of quotes matching 'work' OR 'growth'.

Quotes from an author

You can request quotes from a particular author, like so:

http://andiquote.org/rss.php?a=67 will give you quotes by George Bernard Shaw.

You can make some combos:

http://andiquote.org/rss.php?a=67&k=116 will return quotes by George Bernard Shaw on 'government'.

Quotes from a user

Of course you can also ask for quotes submitted by a particular user, like so:

http://andiquote.org/rss.php?u=3 will give you quotes submitted by Babak Fakhamzadeh.

And you can make some combos:

http://andiquote.org/rss.php?a=44&k=142&u=3 will return quotes by Alexander Solshenitsin on 'friendship', submitted by Babak Fakhamzadeh.

Obviously, you can also add page numbers to all requests.

And random too!

You can add the parameter r=1 to any feed to have a random quote returned matching the criteria you specify. Here's an example: